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Bad or Blurry images do not sell. They are the difference between a failed company and a successful company who really sell their products!

Sharp and Clean images of your products is a neccesity in order to increase the amount of customers and revenue that you will generate. The high quality and selling images that we offer is a proven reason why companies receive serious customers, increased sales and overall improved company image.

Get your company towards success down below!

Who are we?

StudioViral is a Swedish Company located in Stockholm. We are specialized in taking high quality images of physical products. We have over 11 years of experience in photography, video editing and enhancing imagery. We use your products in our proffesional studio to output the greatest potential in your product, through photography, videography and enhancing edits.

We offer 3 different levels of product photography services, depending on how you want your customers to feel and believe about your company!

What do your customer like?

Both Video and Image format gives the customer some kind of feeling. Video is excellent for expressing the perspective of your product, you can collapse multiple products in one video shot. You also give the customer a broad perspective of your product that isn't recieved through images. Like size and shape.

A trustworthy video is often the reason why companies grabs the customers attention, to browse your store and purchase!

Our images give that clean look, that crispy quality that transmitts an amazing feel for the customer. But it does not reveal it's magic without a contributing video. They both work simply separately but combines into a selling and trustworthy recipe.

The services you receive here sell, they bring the customer to purchase while unproffesional and bad product imagery is a great way to fail a company.


Variant 1

This photo is fitted with a suitable background at our responsibility. It is the most appealing for the customer because it will visualize what your product feels like and how it suits them after purchase. It represents you! But how do you want to be represented?

Comes with enviromental background.



Variant 2

This photo is taken in front of a plain background. With slight shifts in color depending on product color. It combines amazingly with variant 1 because you get variation in your imagery. This will make your product the main subject and stand out in the picture. Gives a clean and appealing look! Excellent for product collections.

Comes with plain colored background.

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Variant 3

This is the simpliest but most versatile photograph that we offer. This variant have many places of suitability, it can be used for logos, product collections, website imagery or anything where just the product want to be shown!

Comes without any background.

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Contact us!

If you want services outside what we offer, both in Sweden or worldwide. We can serve you! We happily offer photography services like portrait photography, dog photography and of course product photography. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us, we can serve you personally and find a solution for both parties. Best regards,


Conveniency for you!

Any orders laid on our website will be fulfilled as soon as possible. You order your preferred service and then send us the product that you would like to get photographed in our studio. Then our proffesionals will continue to photograph and enhance your images through editing with a shared goal to qualify a few excellent images. These can be used to advertise through social media or in a physical shop.

NOTE: After purchase of service, we will contact you in order to provide shipping instructions, products for photography and time availability. Everything through

If your product business has potential, we will reach it!

Maximum product size: 60x60x60cm.

What happens after purchase?

Immediately after purchase you will receive an order confirmation through the e-mail you have provided at checkout. We will then contact you as soon as possible about your photoshoot. What products you want to have captured or if you have any preferences. Then we will provide you with shipping instructions so it ends up at our studio for the video/photography. After we have captured images/videos and enhanced them to perfection, we will contact you with a "Google Drive" link. Where we share them with you to download them at maximum quality.

Estimated Delivery: 3-7 Days

(After products have been delivered to our studio in Stockholm, Sweden)

NOTE: Customer is responsible for any Shipping Costs for products.