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Advanced Package

Advanced Package

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Advanced Packaged suits you who like top tier quality. This package will bring you attention through its crisp images. Well enhanced images at a ground quality of 24.2 Megapixels. Which is 3x more pixels than in 4K resolution in a video. This 3x more quality will make your customers feel worthy and enthusiastic about your company and the product you are selling. We will ensure you that you are provided with amazing resources and material to establish your own website or product page. This is our most advanced package for photoshoots and will be created with interest and understanding for your need and requirements. We will therefore color grade and enhance your pictures in expensive softwares from the latest developers. Source files will also be provided so you can retouch them yourself and prove ownership. We will also provide you with plain background images for a clean look and images without background to fill all needs and circumstances. What quality does your company deserve?

"An image says more than a thousand words"

Package includes: (2 Revisions)

  • 8 High quality images with suitable background (Enhanced)
  • 5 High quality images on plain background.
  • 2 High quality images without background. (.PNG file for simplicity)


Customer can choose if they would prefer 1 picture of 8 different products or 8 pictures of 1 product, as an example. Customers choice. The final pictures are the best of many well edited shots, to create your result as valuable as possible. Customers preferences are discussed about through e-mail after purchase of service.

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