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Premium Package

Premium Package

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Premium Package suits the company or person who adores perfection. This will provide you with everything to establish your company or product for success. It includes videos and photographs with huge effort from high quality gear in a proffesional studio. We will enhance and colorgrade your photographs in expensive softwares from the latest developers in order to please you as a customer. Our 24.2 Megapixel camera will output crisp and clean photographs for your needs and requirements. It will output 4K Video (30FPS) and Full HD (60FPS) which is the best for social media these days. It will push your product or company for success in your niche. We will edit, enhance and color grade your videos for the cleanest and most appealing look for the customer. We have over 10 years of experience in video and photography which will ensure you of top tier service. We will also provide everything in the "Advanced Package" which is plain background images and non background images aswell. What quality does your company deserve?

"An image says more than a thousand words"

Package includes: (3 Revisions)

  • 15 High quality Images with suitable background (Enhanced)
  • 8 High quality Images with plain background of choice
  • 3 High quality Image without background (.PNG file for simplicity)
  • 1, 15 second video clip of product (Enhanced, Edited) (4K, 30 FPS)
  • 1, 15 second video clip of product (Enhanced, Edited of choice) (Full HD, 60FPS)

DISCLAIMER: Above videos are same clips just different resolution in order to suit every occasion on social media. As Instagram and Tiktok does not support 4K fully.


Customer can choose if they would prefer 1 picture of 15 different products or 15 pictures of 1 product, as an example. Customers choice. Video is shot with single or multiple products depending on the situation and preferences from the customer. The final pictures are the best of many well edited shots, to create your result as valuable as possible. Any preferences in the photoshoot is discussed via e-mail after purchase of service.


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